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cancer genetic number

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With the first suspicions, their whole cancer genetic number changes. MediHelp has always been a real healthcare partner for its clients, always being one step ahead and bringing innovation and top-quality services for its clients.

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The partnership with NESA is further proof of our commitment to making first-class healthcare services available to all clients. Through this platform any customer of MediHelp can access NESA services, submit medical reports and other related documents for any oncological condition and for obtaining a medical second opinion.

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This is a service offered by MediHelp specifically to its customers. Over the last few decades, many successes in oncological research have been achieved in different countries.

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NESA itself has had breakthroughs both in surgery and in postsurgical oncological treatment. In order to gather the most advanced information, NESA has created an International Oncological advisory Board with leading surgeons, cancer genetic number, biologists, geneticists and immunologists.

cancer genetic number

How does it work? This Board is approached by patients from different countries; Whenever a second opinion is required, the medical documents should be scanned and sent to the following email address:  consultation nesacademy.

What documents are needed to approach the Oncological Board whenever a second opinion is required?

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